As another great wrapper was found, the work on this one has stopped. Please use Irrlicht Lime instead!

Irrlicht.Net was developed because all other Irrlicht.Net wrappers (I found), where dead, and stuck in Irrlicht 1.3, or .Net 2.0. As that doesn't cut the mustard anymore, I thought of creating my own wrapper, which was going to focus on the ease and speed of Irrlicht, combine with the faster development rate of the .Net languages.

Irrlicht.Net is based on Irrlicht 1.7.2, all media and Irrlicht.dll, is from . Irrlicht.Net is a wrapper around Irrlicht 1.7.2, written by me, and has nothing to do with either the Irrlicht.Net on , or any other wrapper around Irrlicht.

Special thanks to Niko on , without him Irrlicht wouldn’t have existed!


Full list: Tutorials 
Tutorial 1 – Hello World!

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Math Contribution - 2011.02.12

Gabriel Reiser, founder of Reactor 3D has contributed with math classes, Matrix3D, Matrix4D, Vector3D and Vector4D.
Check out the latest Source Code Release to download his work and some other stuff!
Big thanks to Gabriel!

Irrlicht.Net is now open for buiness! - 2011.02.06

Irrlicht.Net is now open for the public, please tell me what you think, and don't forget tell all of your friends! Ler med tungan ute

Cleanup of faulty namespaces - 2011.02.06

A cleanup of faulty namespaces, such as Irrlicht.Net.Math or Irrlicht.Net.Enums, is beign done

First Release – 2011.02.06

The first release of Irrlicht.Net was published

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