Which meshes can we use ?

Jul 10, 2011 at 2:24 PM

Complete newb here trying to get a handle on 3D stuff.

Basically, I see Irrlicht can handle .md2 and .md3 models with morph animations.

That's useful to me because I want to make an animated head.

At the moment I simply want to animate mouth shapes or in technical terms visemes.

So yep, I see your hello world tutorial used a .md2 model. I was assuming that .md3 is better in some way, but having never played Quake (gosh yes) I don't know.

I guess you could add as much detail as you liked to either of those two mesh formats ?

And the million dollar question is can I do, or at least start to do my idea with this wrapper yet ?

All I would have to start with is the head with the mouth morphs built into it, that's if I am understanding all I have read so far - thinking of using MilkShape to do that part.

I'm on Visual Basic 2010 Express, Windows 7 64 bit.

And finally; being a complete newb, is it okay for me to ask a bunch of questions while I start to figure things out ? I know you really want to work on the development side, but I am keen to learn all about the 3D world !

All the best and good luck with the project :)